Our people

KI’s team of highly-skilled full-time and associate consultants have experience of solving complex development challenges across a wide range of sectors and organisations – and work together to deliver the strategic, financial and governance solutions our clients are seeking. Our consultants have worked in major commercial organisations, for grant-makers, donors and governments, and have led NGOs and charitable organisations. They have been leaders in business and industry and led international project teams in countries across the world. They bring this experience to better understand local issues and find solutions that combine indigenous knowledge with international best practice from all sectors.

Our core team

Aleta Williams

Aleta is Konung International’s Acting Managing Director and Global Director of Business Development and Diversification at FHI 360. She has worked as an international development executive for over 25 years with a proven track record of successfully entering new markets and establishing strategic relationships with diverse partners and funders. She began her career with McKinsey & Co. and served as a senior leader for the U.S. Agency for International Development.  She has also worked for implementing partner organisations with broad geographic experience across Africa, Asia and the U.S.

Stephen Brady

Steve serves as Konung International’s Business Development Director and manages FHI 360’s office in the UK.  He brings over thirty years international development experience and has led the design and delivery of business growth strategies across a number of economic development and public sector governance sectors. He has worked and travelled extensively in Africa and Asia and was formerly country director of Crown Agents’ operations in Nigeria, Uganda and Japan. 

Jason Olson

Jason is a Director at Konung International, and he brings wide experience in public sector reform, including: centre of government; political economy; legislatures and parliaments; civil society; legal reform; legislative drafting; public financial management; civil service reform; rule of law; security sector reform; and public sector, NGO and CSO capacity building. He has designed and implemented reform programmes, and works on both high-level systematic issues and day-to-day procedures. Jason has developed winning technical approaches to several substantial and innovative donor programmes, focusing on both supply-side governance reform, and demand-side accountability and advocacy programmes. 

Magdulein Abaida

Magdulein is a London-based human rights expert, gender specialist, and project manager for Konung International. She has contributed to a variety of DFID projects – and is an active human rights campaigner, with approximately twelve years of experience working on, and heading up, grassroots NGO projects. Magdulein founded the ‘My Rights Organisation’ in Libya; an organisation focused on campaigning for women’s rights following the rise of violent extremism in the region. She has drafted several successful project proposals and subsequently completed a number of rights-based projects in Tripoli, funded by UNDP, Creative Associates and the FCO – all designed to build capacity and raise awareness of women’s legal and constitutional rights in Libya.

Feyi Rodway

Feyi Rodway is Konung International’s Senior Education Adviser and is leading the development of FHI 360’s UK-funded global education portfolio. Feyi has designed, evaluated and advised several FCDO-funded education programmes as a consultant. She also recently led an independent review of UNGEI/Global Partnership for Education’s gender responsive education sector planning programme, and the social development technical team at FCDO’s Girls Education Challenge Fund. Feyi directed Plan International’s first two State of the World’s Girls flagship reports and developed the early stages of its game-changing Because I am a Girl campaign. Feyi has a longstanding commitment to advancing gender equality through education and has worked across Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Michael Francino, OBE

Michael was a co-founder of Konung International and his vision and technical expertise were instrumental in KI’s establishment and successes. After retiring from the Government of Canada as Senior Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance, and member of the Treasury Board, he served as an IMF, World Bank, DFID and DFAT funded adviser in several countries around the world. Throughout his career Michael was known for his trusted and frank advice to finance ministers, presidents and prime ministers and was honoured by the Queen for his contributions to international development as an Officer for the Order of the British Empire.  Michael passed away in 2019, providing advice and guidance to the very end. 

Some of our consultants

Interested in joining the KI team?

If you have experience of working in the International Development sector, and would like to join KI as a consultant or part of the core team please get in touch, and complete our short application form here.