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“It always seems impossible until it's done.”

Other projects

The Konung International team have both a depth and breadth of experience gained through active delivery of projects and programmes worldwide. We have been selected as a partner firm under all Lots for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s new Conflict, Stability and Security Framework (CSSF) agreements (2014 to present).

Konung International is also a member of two Lots for DFID’s Expert Advisory Call Down Services (EACDS) frameworks; Strengthening Global Peace, Security and Justice (Lot A), and Promoting Global Prosperity (Lot C) (2016 – present). KI is also a member of DFID’s Global Evaluation Framework Agreement (GEFA) II (2016 to present). Here’s a list of some of the projects the KI team has worked on over the years.

Global projects
  • Evaluation of the Impact of the UK Action against Corruption Programme (UK ACT) and predecessor programmes since 2006 (2018)
  • Monitoring and Learning Agent (MLA) for the International Action Against Corruption Programme (I-ACT)
  • Research on Ethnic Diversity and the “Diversity Dividend” for DFID’s South Asia Research Hub (2018)
  • Stabilisation Adviser to UK Ministry of Defence Operation Collective Action (2018)
  • Guidance on Overseas Partnerships for HMG Departments and Non-Departmental Public Bodies (2017)
  • Legal Assistance for Economic Reform (LASER) Mid-Term Review (2016)
  • UK Financial Accountability and Anti-Corruption Programme (UKFAACP) Scoping and Design (2016)
  • UK Stabilisation Unit: Programme Partnership Agreement Annual Reviews (2015)
  • Independent Commission for Aid Impact’s (ICAI) Review of DFID’s Efforts to Reduce Corruption (2014)
  • UK Government Framework Agreements: Governance, Economic Growth, Conflict, Security, and Evaluations
  • Ethiopia: Anti-Corruption & Tax Reform
  • Ethiopia: Scoping of Potential Restructuring Options for Oromia Regional Land Administration and Use Bureau
  • Ethiopia: Sources of Growth for Lowland Peripheries
  • Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Organisational Assessment & Re-design (2018)
  • Mid-term Review of DFID support to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)
  • Nigeria: Governance, Political Economy, Anti-Corruption, Decentralisation, Local Government, Legislative Reform, PFM, Advocacy, Accountability, Transparency, and Security
  • Saint Helena: Political Governance Review
  • South Africa: PFM & Legislative Reform
  • Southern Africa Region: Anti-Corruption, Governance, PFM, and Transparency
  • Tanzania: Political Economy, Governance, Advocacy, Economic Growth, and Infrastructure
  • Zambia: Anti-Corruption
  • Zimbabwe: Transparency, Governance, Accountability, and Political Economy

Middle East and North Africa
  • Algeria: Conflict & Security
  • Iraq: Governance, PFM, and Humanitarian Relief
  • Lebanon: Governance & PFM
  • Libya: PFM, Security, and Governance
  • Occupied Palestinian Territories: Governance, Political Economy, and PFM
  • Syria: Security & Local Governance
  • UAE: PFM & Governance
  • MENA: Technical Assistance – Evidence Mapping

  • Afghanistan: Anti-Corruption & Political Governance
  • Bangladesh: Political Economy, Private Sector Development, Advocacy, and Climate Change
  • Cambodia: Public Financial Management
  • Indonesia: Sustainable Commercial Strategy
  • Kyrgyzstan: Public Financial Management
  • Pakistan: PFM, Governance, Political Economy, Health, and Advocacy
  • Myanmar: Public Financial Management
  • Nepal: Advocacy, Accountability, and Governance

  • East Timor: Public Financial Management
  • Vanuatu: Public Financial Management
  • Tonga: Public Financial Management
  • Russia: Public Financial Management
  • Turkey: Public Financial Management

Recent projects

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