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Konung International (KI) is a UK-based specialist international development consultancy, delivering innovative and politically aware governance and public financial management reform programmes globally, including fragile and conflict-affected states. We understand that sustainable change is a long-term investment and inherently incremental. Therefore, we don’t provide off-the-shelf solutions where context-specific approaches are warranted. Rather than striving for the unattainable and unrealistic, we search for solutions that are feasible and practical for a particular context. We believe the best reforms are developed jointly with our counterparts, through a co-creative process that enables them to find their own solutions.

Public sector governance reform

Public sector governance reform

Good governance is essential to achieving positive developmental outcomes across all sectors. Our approach to governance reform is based on a thorough analysis, allowing an understanding of what is achievable given each situation’s particular circumstances. This approach incorporates an in-depth political economy analysis, and also considers factors relating to local traditions, culture, social norms, ecology, conflict, livelihoods and issues such as gender, age, religion, indigeneity and social exclusion.

Public financial management

We take a holistic approach to PFM reform. Rather than tackling them in isolation we develop and implement strategies that ensure functioning PFM systems are in place to serve the wider developmental purpose of poverty reduction through service delivery, economic stability and growth, and fiscal sustainability. PFM reforms should foster citizen understanding of, and participation in, the raising and distribution of public monies – through empowering legislatures, civil society, and media. We also take a politically smart approach to PFM reforms, recognising that spending large sums of money on unused or unwanted reforms represents a significant misdirection of resources in the poorest countries.

Our PFM reform experience includes:

·     Treasury and expenditure functions

·     Budgeting

·     Revenue and tax

·     Extractives resource management

·     Anti-Corruption

·     Transparency, accountability and oversight

·     Demand-side PFM support to legislatures and civil society

·     PFM reform in fragile and conflict affected environments

·     Trust fund management

·     IFMIS design, procurement & implementation


Recognising that corruption in developing countries diverts essential resources away from the poorest and most needy, we seek to utilise a wide array of programmatic interventions to combat it. In doing so, we bring expertise in political economy analysis (PEA), governance, voice and accountability, PFM, as well as justice and security to target systems, perpetrators, beneficiaries and their agents.

Citizen Engagement

We specialise in delivering innovative and politically-smart citizen empowerment and accountability programmes globally; especially in fragile, transitional and conflict-affected states. Our approach empowers local partners to use the right tools to strategically identify and implement opportunities to advance citizen-led change and oversight of government. We also recognise the importance of strengthening government’s ability to engage citizens through improved transparency and supporting legislatures, and other state accountability institutions. This approach de-emphasises the differences between “demand and supply” or “citizen and state”; instead focusing on how to successfully link them for more effective engagement.

Adaptive Programming

We were early implementors of some of the concepts around adaptive programming – particularly in designing “politically smart” approaches which emphasised engaging counterparts in reforms that were politically and institutionally feasible within the unique circumstances of each location. We apply these approaches not only to our work directly with governments, but also to empowering citizen groups to use and apply simplified adaptive management tools (to identify engagement opportunities and strategies that are likely to succeed).

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